A perfect pack for a corporate function easy to eat, elegant and plenty of variety.

Hire a staff member for $165.00 for three hours.

Can Be Delivered Hot Ready To Eat On Site With Plates, Napkins & Sauces

“All foods require heating unless specified. You can hire a staff member to cook and serve”


For a hassle-free function hire a staff member to cook and serve for 3 hours for $165.00. Staff will bring two sauces, napkins, serving trays and a small fryer all is required is an oven. One staff member can cater for up to 55 guest if you have a greater number you can hire another staff member, or a friend or family member can assist for the 3-hour duration.


A delivery fee applies to all deliveries

Staff do not bring the food with them you must pick it up from our shop or we can arrange delivery for a fee. Please allow a two-hour window for a delivery please be contactable so our driver can call you if there is a problem. If you are uncontactable when delivery arrives or no one is present, we will return all goods to our shop no refund will be given. Drivers cannot wait as they have many deliveries the driver may cancel your order if you arrive late. Deliveries may be cancelled without notice due to weather or mechanical issues a refund will be issued for the cost of the delivery. Though we endeavour to arrive on time no refund will be given if we are late. Once the order is received it is considered final, in good order and complete.


All orders and bookings require a deposit with the balance paid on the week of the function. Deposit are non-refundable one month prior to the function with no exceptions, however, you may use “store credit” to redeem the value of the deposit. If the function or food order is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the booking no store credit will be given nor a refund at all, however, you may reschedule your event.

A surcharge of 1.5 % may apply to all credit card charges over $100.00. Food orders may be substituted without notice due to stock shortage or quality issues substituted items will be equal or greater value than the original. Once your order is picked up or delivered and the order is accepted it is final with no exception all items are deemed to be accounted for and of an acceptable condition. Prices may change without notice.


Staff are contracted for three hours in total they cook and serve food purchased from our shop only unless discussed and agreed to prior to booking. If you require staff to serve for a longer period a fee of $50 per hour will apply, please enquire. Staff have the right to work in a safe environment and can refuse service and leave if they deem the environment unsafe or unworkable no refund will be given. Clients must be contactable for our staff on route. Parking fees are paid by the client please ensure a parking space is available for staff to load and unload. If you have any request, issue or concerns before or during the function let the staff know straight away so they can address it, we cannot assist you if you do not communicate. Please ensure that an oven is available for our staff to cook from and that there is enough catering space.


Though every effort is made to ensure that all dietary requirements are met when requested, we do not guarantee that foods are entirely free from ingredients or additives that may be harmful to others. If any guest has a life-threatening issue with certain ingredients or if there is a major concern, we strongly recommend that they do not eat any of our foods. We do not take any responsibility for the consequences to clients who may consume foods that may have ingredients that is harmful to them.


After consulting consumer affairs on their advice, we will only request a small deposit from $100.00 with the balance paid a few days prior to the event. If there is a sudden restriction or lockdown and you unable to proceed you may reschedule your event. If you do not want to reschedule and would like to cancel a refund will be given less the deposit. Refunds may take up to 30 days.